Testimonials | Copper Wear

Jeff - Copper Wear Testimonial

Jeff is a 42 year old surgical nurse and father of two. In addition to long hours on his feet in the OR and keeping up with two young kids, Jeff's passion is cycling and Mountain Biking. Jeff uses Copper Wear apparel to recover, decrease soreness and stay competitive. He uses his compression sleeve on the road and will even sleep in it to give his legs the comfortable support he needs.

Jim - Copper Wear Testimonial

Jim, 55, drives a whopping 600 to 800 miles a week delivering livestock feed and easily gets in and out of his truck up to 25 times a day! All of that sitting, driving and heavy lifting had begun to take its toll. Jim suffered with pain in his knees and hips but discovering the copper knee sleeve has changed all that! Since wearing a copper knee sleeve and using compression shorts, Jim's pain has practically vanished! He's truly impressed and now looks forward to running around with his grandkids.

Colleen - Copper Wear Testimonial

Colleen is a 44 year old active mom who plays volley ball, softball and soccer plus she coaches her girls' soccer teams!  She became seriously worried that hip pain was going to slow her down. That's when she found Copper Wear compression clothing. Ever since using Copper Wear, Colleen has been practically pain free. She no longer needs pain killers or physical therapy. She feels comfortable and amazing!

George - Copper Wear Testimonial

For years, 65 year old George suffered with pain in both of his knees. He was only able to walk a block or two before having to take a break from his knees locking up. Since discovering the copper knee sleeve that has all changed! George can now walk for 5 to 6 blocks much more easily and he can now walk up and down flights of stairs. The best part is George can now be an active part of his grand kids' lives! George loves the fact that once the copper knee sleeve is on it's so light and comfortable, he forgets he's wearing it!

Kathy - Copper Wear Testimonial

Copper Wear gave Kathy, 66, her life back. At the age of 16, she sustained a gymnastics injury that required surgery. She was OK for many years until her knee began acting up. The pain became so great that she was literally disabled and felt life was passing her by. She couldn't play with her grand kids or dog.  Her daughter was using a Copper Wear knee sleeve of her own and urged Kathy to try one. Although skeptical, Kathy decided to give it a try. Copper Wear has made a world of difference.

Mark - Copper Wear Testimonial

Mark's life was changed immensely once he discovered the power of compression apparel.  A horse trainer and father to four teenaged boys, injuries sustained from his time in the Army followed him. He had knee pain, foot pain and carpal tunnel syndrome in his hands.Mark now wears compression socks, knee sleeves, shirts and gloves and his pain has been lessened tremendously. He's even been able to cut down on his pain medication.

Raj - Copper Wear Testimonial

Raj is 61 years old and has suffered with knee pain since he was 51 years old. His knee pain became more and more severe and his quality of life had diminished. Raj got to the point where he could barely make it up and down the stairs and was forced to stop driving his car. As a retail sales person, his condition really limited him. He couldn't function or even sleep well. Since his daughter found the copper knee sleeve, , Raj's life is completely changed! He no longer suffers and feels that he's regained mobility. The knee sleeves provided immediate relief and gave him his quality of life back.

Cheryl - Copper Wear Testimonial

Cheryl had knee surgery about a year ago. While her mobility is back, she lacked the confidence to really put her knee to the test and sidelined herself from running around and playing hockey with her kids. It was very upsetting for her and her family. That has all changed since discovering compression apparel. The Copper Wear knee sleeve gives Cheryl support and stability and with that the confidence she needs to run around with her kids again!

Melissa - Copper Wear Testimonial

Flight Attendant Melissa is often on her feet for up to 15 hours a day! She serves on long-distance over-seas flights and between the work up in the sky and the long walks across airport terminals and dragging heavy luggage her shoulders ache and her legs and feet swell. She needed a solution and found one in Copper Wear compression clothing. When she goes on a trip the first thing she packs is the Copper Wear shirt and ankle sleeve. She is comfortable and pain and swelling is diminished. She would recommend Copper Wear to anyone.

Nurse - Copper Wear Testimonial

As a nurse, she's on her feet all day and her hands are very important. As someone who suffers arthritis in her hands, she needed a product that would help her. Copper Wear is it. Wearing the gloves and wristbands has allowed her to be able to effectively serve her patients all day. She wears the stockings to help energize her legs and keep her going through long shifts.  Copper Wear compression apparel has made her life so much better.